Q-NRG Introducing the new generation of Metabolic Monitors for Indirect Calorimetry in Clinical Practice

Introduced by COSMED, worldwide leader in the design of metabolic systems for clinical and human performance applications, Q-NRG is the first Indirect Calorimeter specifically intended for Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) measurement on spontaneously breathing subjects.

Indirect calorimetry remains the Gold Standard in measuring energy expenditure in clinical settings, proven to have enormous advantages compared to Predictive Equations1. In fact, this measuring technology provides an individual and dynamic metabolic assessment based on the actual physical status of the subject rather than estimating it on anthropometric data.

Q-NRG is a unique product, the result of COSMED’s collaboration with world-class institutes in the field of nutrition. Product concept and specifications have been designed together with the ICALIC Trial study group2. This collaboration made possible the development of an accurate metabolic system simple to use and at the same time able to solve all typical pitfalls of Indirect Calorimetry technology.
Q-NRG options - Vent, Canopy, Mask
1 Resting energy expenditure in malnourished older patients at hospital admission and three months after discharge: predictive equations versus measurements.
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2Indirect calorimetry in nutritional therapy. A position paper by the ICALIC study group.
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